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Doing Your Doctorate in Germany - A Great Idea (PDF | 642 KB) Link to pdf. Supporting Academic Careers - DFG Programmes for Postdoctoral Researchers (PDF | 548 KB) Link to pdf. Walter Benjamin Programme - Starting Your Research Career (PDF | 715 KB) Link to pdf. Facts and Figures 2019 (PDF | 384 KB) Link to pdf General Publications White Papers Statistical Documentation Senate Commissions DFG Divisions Position Papers Statements Other Publications Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany elan; GEPRIS; GERiT; Jobs@dfg; Press; Contact; Deutsch; Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Because research matters. Expand/collapse navigation; Research Funding Funding at a Glance. Project Proposals by Individuals. Publications by DFG Divisions and on DFG Programmes. Publications by the Scientific Library Services and Information Systems Division. Publications by the International Affairs Division. Publications by the Research Careers Division. Publications on Early Career Grant Programmes. Publications on Research Integrity

DFG Representation Abroad Sino-German Center DFG Office India DFG Office Japan DFG Office North America DFG Office Russia/CIS DFG Office Latin America International Cooperation Facts and Figures History of the DFG Statutes Annual Report Publications Alliance of Science Organisations in German DFG rules on the format and length of publication lists Applicants should structure both types of publication lists as follows: a) Articles which at the time of proposal submission have been published or officially ac-cepted by publication outlets with scientific quality assurance, listed in standard format; book publications Original Publications: Burkhart JL, Müller R, Kazmaier U.Syntheses and Evaluation of Simplified Pretubulysin Analogues. Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2011, 3050-3059. Geppert. All Publications from the SPP1926. 2020. A Müller-Deku, J Meiring, K Loy, Y Kraus, C Heise, R Bingham, K Jansen, X Qu, F Bartolini, L Kapitein, A Akhmanova, J Ahlfeld, D Trauner*, O Thorn-Seshold*; Photoswitchable paclitaxel-based microtubule stabilisers allow optical control over the microtubule cytoskeleton. Nature Communications 2020, 11, 4640. Vierock J, Rodriguez-Rozada S, Pieper F.

2.6 Project-related publication expenses a) The DFG may contribute up to €750 per year towards publishing the findings of a project. Publications may be in any form, with the exception of grey literature. b) If the appropriate publication of the project findings calls for a book format with hig OSPR News and Publications; OSPR ICS Task Books; History of DFG: The Department of Fish and Game celebrates 130 years of serving California (PDF) from Nov-Dec 1999 issue of Outdoor California HTML text-only versio

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The Open Access Publication Funding programme is designed to grant a fixed allowance for the publication of research results via open access. Only research institutions, not individuals, may apply for this allowance. This programme highlights that open access plays a pivotal role in improving scientific communication and that its costs should be seen in relation to this aim.. The aim of this. DFG programmes offer a wide range of opportunities for various career stages. Additionally, the DFG also has agreements with specific partner organisations in other countries to fund research projects between German researchers and researchers abroad. This begins with the funding of positions in DFG-funded projects and extends to the funding of an applicant's own project or research group. Publications; Facts and Figures. Statistics and studies on topics relevant to research funding. more. Home Funding Artificial Intelligence Funding Initiative. Artificial Intelligence Funding Initiative The DFG has launched a strategic funding initiative in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Projects from all areas of AI research are to be financed in various funding programmes in the. Kunyu gezhi & Taixi shuifa (DFG) Publications; Kunyu gezhi & Taixi shuifa (DFG) Project; Persons; Mobility; Publications; Events; News; Publications 2020 Cao Jin, From Ricci's World Map to Schall's Translation of 'De Re Metallica': Western Learning and China's Search for Silver in the Late Ming Period (1583-1644) Cao Jin, From Ricci's World Map to Schall's Translation of 'De Re.

DFG OekoNet. Summary and Highlights. Activities and Collaborations. Events. Funding. Project Results. Publications. Theses. Publications. Tobias Hoßfeld, Florian Metzger, Dario Rossi. Speed Index: Relating the Industrial Standard for User Perceived Web Performance to Web QoE. In: Tenth International Conference on Quality of Multimedia Experience (QoMEX). IEEE 2018. Tobias Hoßfeld, Lea Skorin. Monitor Publications Ltd, Plot 29-35 8th Street, Namuwongo, Kampala, Uganda DFG - GEPRIS - Monitor Publications Ltd Direkt zum Inhalt springen Direkt zu Textvergrößerung und Kontrast springe Cosmic Sense - DFG-Forschungsgruppe FOR 2694. Cosmic Sense. Cosmic Sense; Ziele; Struktur; Kooperationspartner und Institute; Kontakt; Über uns. Übersicht; Partner; Kernteam; Forschungseinheiten. Übersicht; Grundwasserneubildung; Hydrogeodesy (HG) Hydrological Modeling (HM) Massive Coverage (MC) Neutronen Simulation (NS) Fernerkundung (RS) Mobile Erfassung (RV) Vegetation (VG.

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Publications and Preprints in 2017 Preprints can be submitted to B. Schwarz: schwarz@igpm.rwth-aachen.de [ 2017 ] [ 2016 ] [ 2015 ] [ 2014 ] [ 2013 ] [ 2012 ] [ 2011 SPP office email: dfg-spp2244 (at) tu-dresden.de. News. Publications February 2021 | published 2021-02-15 by @2dmp_spp2244; Postdoctoral positions related to SPP 2244 | published 2021-01-28 by @2dmp_spp224 Project identifier Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) This project will detail the widespread and heterogeneous images of Liszt provided by contemporary music publications from the 1820s through the 1880s, to explore central aspects of the ambivalence within this heterogeneity. It offers a source-based analysis of the reception and discourse surrounding Liszt, as an alternative to.

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PUMA publications for /tag/dfg. A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on the Longitudinal Effects of Unilateral Knee Extension Exercise on Muscle Strength. Factors Affecting the Synthesis of Cellobiose Lipids by Sporisorium scitamineum. Hydrological Modelling in Data Sparse Environment : Inverse Modelling of a Historical Flood Event . Streamlining the Analysis of Dynamic 13C-Labeling Patterns. Die DFG unterstützt die Veröffentlichung von Forschungsergebnissen in Open-Access-Zeitschriften mit dem Förderprogramm Open-Access-Publizieren. Ziel des Förderprogrammes der DFG ist es, wissenschaftliche Hochschulen dabei zu unterstützen, dauerhafte und verlässliche Strukturen zur Finanzierung von Open-Access-Publikationen zu etablieren

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Quality and Usability LabPublications. Inhalt des Dokuments zur Navigation. mmEval - Publications DFG needs to evolve if it is to remain relevant for the next decade and beyond. The challenge is to join up the process and shift the thinking from 'welfare' to 'investment' so that decisions are taken, not at crisis point, but in a more preventative way that is based on the long-term health and wellbeing of disabled people and their families. Joining it up - strategically Up and down. The Package of Changes to Modernise the DFG Programme. Creating greater flexibility within the fund, it allows an authority to address issues on a wider preventative basis that can't be covered using mandatory DFG. The adoption and publication of a policy for housing assistance is a requirement of the RRO before assistance can be offered. The.

Alterations of thalamic ion channels and activity in psychostimulant abuse (funded by DFG). Publications; Amygdala and extended pathways - fear, anxiety, anxiety disorders ; Thalamus and extended pathways - sleep/wake cycle and absence epilepsy and pain; Multiple sclerosis - Neuroinflammation; Modulation, function and neuroprotective potential of TASK and TRESK channels in the central nervous. Project identifier Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) - Project number 310525325 Project Description Therefore, experimental results of this technique, which could be considered the 'eye of the chemist', also play a major role for scientific publications Publication for the DFG research project Digitale Magnetfeldsensorik Contributions in scientific Journals and Conferences, Patents [1] S. Hentschke: Digital Stochastic Magnetic Field Detection. Sensors and Actuators. A 57 No. 1, Oct. 1996, pp 1 - 8. (ISSH 0924-4247). [2] S. Hentschke, N. Reifschneider: Locally Adaptive Magnetic Field Detector. IEEE International ASIC Conference. Proceedings. Es gibt DFG-Ansprechpartner in den betreffenden Disziplinen. Zwei Gutachter beurteilen den Antrag, der Vorsitzende des Fachausschusses entscheidet auf Basis dieser Beurteilungen. In Sonderfällen wird der Antrag an den Hauptausschuss der DFG weitergereicht - zum Beispiel ab einem Fördervolumen von rund 130.000 Euro

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PUMA publications for /user/unibiblio/dfg. Batch Studies of Phosphonate and Phosphate Adsorption on Granular Ferric Hydroxide (GFH) with Membrane Concentrate and Its Synthetic Replicas. Revisiting the Growth Modulon of Corynebacterium glutamicum Under Glucose Limited Chemostat Conditions. Modeling Cell-Free Protein Synthesis Systems : Approaches and Applications . Growth Behavior of Selected. A new publication. Something old, something new in the Ocean's Blue. The discovery of a forgotten metabolic pathway adds a new dimension to the global carbon cycle. Read more A new publication. 2018-08-20 (Monday) MIMAS2. We are pleased to inform that the International Symposium MIMAS2 Microbial Interactions in Marine Systems will be held in Greifswald, Germany, from August 20 th. Publications & Projects. Overview Publications & Projects close. DFG Research Unit; Contact us; skip to content. you are here: Publications & Projects Show subpages. DFG Research Unit ; DFG Research Unit; German Research Foundation (DFG) Research Unit 1452 Marketing of hedonic media products in the age of digital social media In October 2014 the German Research Foundation (DFG) establis DFG-Project Dare2Del Research project Dare2Del-- Learning to Delete: Forgetting of Digital Objects as Collaborative Task of Human and AI within the DFG Schwerpunktprogramm Intentional Forgetting in Organisationen. Duration: second funding period starts fall 2019, three years; Funding: DFG; Researchers: Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid, Durgesh Nandin

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  1. Lesezeichen und Publikationen teilen - in blau! PUMA. Akademisches Publikationsmanagement Publikationen sammeln, verwalten und teilen
  2. Publication title. Zitation zur lokalen Zwischenablage hinzufügen. Schließen. Lesezeichen 16. Anzeige; alles; nur Lesezeichen; Lesezeichen pro Seite; 5; 10; 20; 50; 100; sortieren nach; hinzugefügt am; Titel; FolkRank ; Reihenfolge; aufsteigend; absteigend; RSS; BibTeX; XML 2 DFG-Förderprogramm: Open-Access-Publikationskosten Über das Programm Open-Access-Publikationskosten wird.
  3. Institut für Softwaretechnik und Theoretische InformatikQuality and Usability La
  4. Melden Sie sich mit Ihrem ac- oder st-Konto an. Anmelden. Tag; dfg
  5. The team also produced two publications under the DFG grant: a Guide to Election Forensics and a more detailed Elections Forensics Toolkit DRG Center Working Paper. The Guide provides a more general introduction to election forensics as a field, and the DRG Center Working Paper focuses on presenting in detail the results of applying election forensics to specific elections in Afghanistan.
  6. DFG: Duration: 3 + 3 years, 01.09.2016 - 31.12.2022: Partners: Chair of Information-oriented Control (TUM-ITR) Contact: Onur Ayan (onur.ayan@tum.de) Samuele Zoppi (samuele.zoppi@tum.de) W. Kellerer (wolfgang.kellerer@tum.de) Publications
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  1. Melden Sie sich mit Ihrem ac- oder st-Konto an. Anmelden. Benutzer; @droessler; dfg × Publication titl
  2. PUMA publications for /author/Stumme/dfg. Antrag dfg Literatur . Tag Recommendations in Social Bookmarking Systems. Antrag dfg Literatur . Analysis of the Publication Sharing Behaviour in BibSonomy. Antrag dfg Literatur . Organizing Publications and Bookmarks in BibSonomy. Antrag dfg Literatur . Information Retrieval in Folksonomies: Search and Ranking. Antrag dfg Literatur . BibSonomy: A.
  3. ADF&G Publications Search, Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game. This page allows you to search all of the reports and publications published in the scientific and technical reporting series by ADF&G's Commercial Fisheries, Habitat, Sport Fish, and Subsistence divisions. There are two approaches you can use for searching these publications - The first searches through data fields in our publications.
  4. DOCASE 2: Publication-based dissertation vs. Monography - what are the choices ? 27.11.2020 DOCASE 1: What characterizes an excellent dissertation
  5. The DFG Research Training Group 1759 Knowledge in the Arts is an academic research group funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). PhD students conduct research in this group within the framework of a coordinated, interdisciplinary program. The research group was created in 2012 and renewed in 2016 for a second period of funding through.

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Antrag dfg Literatur . Organizing Publications and Bookmarks in BibSonomy. Antrag dfg Literatur . Analysis of the Publication Sharing Behaviour in BibSonomy. Antrag dfg Literatur . BibSonomy: A social bookmark and publication sharing system. Antrag dfg Literatur . Information Retrieval in Folksonomies: Search and Ranking . Antrag dfg Literatur . Emergent Semantics in BibSonomy. puma.uni-kassel.d dfg × Publication title 1 Analysis of the Publication Sharing Behaviour in BibSonomy R. Jäschke, A. Hotho, C. Schmitz, und G. Stumme. Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Conceptual Structures (ICCS 2007), Volume 4604 von Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Seite 283--295. Berlin, Heidelberg, Springer-Verlag, (Juli 2007) vor 11 Jahren von @sanches lima-gerlach. DFG Programme Publication Grants Term 1997 to 2003 Die Edition der Jahreskalender F.W.J. Schellings aus dem Berliner Schelling-Nachlass hat zum Ziel, eine philosophiegeschichtliche und für die Geschichte der.

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Publication title. Zitation zur lokalen Zwischenablage hinzufügen. Schließen. Lesezeichen 12. Anzeige; alles; nur Lesezeichen; Lesezeichen pro Seite; 5; 10; 20; 50; 100; sortieren nach; hinzugefügt am; Titel; Reihenfolge ; aufsteigend; absteigend; RSS; BibTeX; XML 2 DFG-Förderprogramm: Open-Access-Publikationskosten Über das Programm Open-Access-Publikationskosten wird ein. Lesezeichen und Publikationen teilen - in blau! Melden Sie sich hier mit Ihrem Bibliotheksdaten an. Anmelden. Melden Sie sich als Gruppe an

Publications. Project Presentation at the 15th Annual Conference ESPAnetEurope 2017. In the course of the stream Welfare States in Transition: Bringing light into the black boxes of reform processes Presentation (pdf) Project Poster. In the course of poster presentations at the International Health Policy Conference, 16-19 February 2017. Project Poster (pdf) Project Presentation at. DFG Research Unit FOR 2150 Dr. Daniela Kussberger Administrative Coordinator Richard-Strauss-Str. 2 50931 Köln | GERMANY Telephone +49-221-470-1192 Fax +49-221-470-1216 E-mail d.kussberger(at)verw.uni-koeln.d

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Синяя социальная система управления закладками и публикациями. puma. управление академическими публикациям Publications; Events; Willkommen bei der DFG Forschungsgruppe FOR 2799 Willkommen bei der DFG Forschungsgruppe FOR 2799 Willkommen bei der DFG Forschungsgruppe FOR 2799 Willkommen bei der DFG Forschungsgruppe FOR 2799. Receiving and Translating Signals . via the γδ T Cell Receptor. Über uns . Unsere Ziele Teilprojektleiter*innen Teilprojektleiter*innen. Teilprojektleiter*innen. The blue social bookmark and publication sharing system Publications. Project results that have already been published. Welcome to the DFG Research Unit 2397 Multi-scale analysis of complex three-phase systems: Oxygen and CO2 reduction at silver-based gas-diffusion electrodes in aqueous electrolyte On the following pages you will find information about the Research Unit 2397 funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research. This online publication is offered free of charge and is currently available in German only. Subscribe to DFG-aktuell On Twitter. On our Twitter channel @dfg_public we tweet research and funding news and about DFG2020 and public events. If you want to post because #researchmatters - go ahead and we will keep our eyes open! Visit @dfg_public on Twitter. On Instagram. We have launched.

DFG-Vordruck 12.151 - 02/13 - Praxisregeln Digitalisierung Seite 6 von 52 . und effektiver ist als ein komplexer Bewertungs- und Auswahlprozess. Angeregt wird, ausdrücklich auf bereits erbrachte Selektionsleistungen und Vorarbeiten wie Bibliografien oder Fachdatenbanken zurückzugreifen. Als grundsätzliche Kriterien für die Auswahl gelten Forschungsrelevanz und wissenschaftliche. Research Projects Team Publications Activities Blog. We Are The Collaborative Research Center CRC 1193, Funded By The german Research Foundation DFG. As a team of neuroscientists, psychologists, and clinicians based in Mainz and Frankfurt we try to understand what keeps people standing even if life hits them hard. Blog: Spiegel wissen, Tachles Videocast and many more Please check out the.

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Future rural Africa is an interdisciplinary collaborative research center funded by the German Research Council (DFG) involving geographers, anthropologists, political scientists, agroeconomists, soil scientists and ecologists from the Universities of Bonn and Cologne as well as external partners to address large-scale land use change and related social-ecological transformations along. Latest Publications; Downloads; Dialogue. Home. The MBExC. Multiscale Bioimaging (MBExC) -2067- is a Cluster of Excellence of the University of Göttingen, Germany and is funded by the German Federal Government and the Länder (federal states) since 2019. Research at the MBExC is aimed at the heart and the brain as disorders of these organs are major causes of disability and death. The. Die Arbeitsgruppe Wittkowski wird von der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) finanziert (WI 4170/3-1). Die Arbeitsgruppe Löwen erhält ebenfalls finanzielle Unterstützung von der DFG (LO 418/25-1). Originalpublikation Michael te Vrugt, Hartmut Löwen & Raphael Wittkowski (2020) Classical dynamical density functional theory: from fundamentals to applications, Advances in Physics, 69:2,121.

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research/publications-and projects/guide -to-biological-security-issues) 14. April 2016, Berlin Umsetzung der Empfehlungen von DFG und Leopoldina zum Umgang mit sicherheitsrelvanter Forschung Preprint-Reihe. Nachfolgend finden Sie die Preprint-Reihe des SPP 1324. Die Dokumente bestehen aus dem Original-Preprint im Format PDF, ergänzt um ein (vierseitiges) Deckblatt und um einen Rückenteil mit einer Gesamtübersicht der Preprint-Reihe MassWildlife offers a variety of print publications for those interested in learning more about wildlife, insects, plants, as well as rare or threatened species and habitats. NOTE: Some items are available at a discount if purchased in bulk or if you are an educator. Some items are free if picked up at a MassWildlife office , but have a postage fee if mailed

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DFG-Projekt Innenraumwahrnehmung, OB 346/5-1, OB 346/5-2 (mit Christoph von Castell & Heiko Hecht, Uni Mainz) Bedeutung der Farbgestaltung (z.B. Helligkeit von Wand, Boden und Decke) für die wahrgenommene Größe; Effekte der Beleuchtungssituatio DFG Data, Products, Services GFZ Publications Scientific Infrastructure Research Infrastructures Satellite Systems Global Observatories Regional Observatories Laboratories Underground Labs Mobile Instruments Search. Toggle Navigation. About us Organisation GFZ Profile Board, Bodies, Administration Organisation chart Facts and Figures History Alumni and Awards Directions and Locations Career. Das DFG sucht: 1 Sportlehrkraft, 2. Staatsexamen oder äquivalenter Abschluss, 10-12 Stunden (55'), zunächst befristet bis 30.06.2022 1 Grundschullehrkraft, 2. Staatsexamen oder äquivalenter Abschluss, 18-20 Stunden (55'), zunächst befristet bis 30.06.2022 Bei Interesse nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt über das Sekretariat auf: + Afficher / masquer la suite de cette publication.

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Publications; Projects. DFG-Projekt PainFaceReader BMBF-Project TraMeExCo DFG-Project Dare2Del DISL-Lab; FELI - Research group for elementary and primary computer science; CoachNet; Theses. Advised Theses; Software; Teaching. Curricula; Intention; Courses. Einführung in die KI; Kognitive Modellierung; Lernende Systeme ; Seminar Kognitive Systeme; Projekt Kognitive Systeme; Kolloquium. Publications (PDF) Aktuelle Drittmittelprojekte. Zeitraum: Projekt : Förderung: Kooperationspartner : 2016-2020: The role of immigrants' first and second language proficiency for social integration (NEPS-SPP) Förderung: DFG (Projekt im Schwerpunktprogramm 1646 Education as a Lifelong Process). Volumen: 284.202 € (einschl. 47.200 € Programmpauschale). Prof. Dr. Cornelia Kristen.

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Publications; RU5116 - intern; Info. Artikelaktionen. Deutsch; English; DFG Research Unit 5116 exRNA. FOR5116-Logo. Uni Logos . Short introduction. Plant-microbe communication through extracellular RNA: Systems-level approaches to explore molecular mechanisms and agronomic applications . The research focus of the DFG Research Unit 5116 is on the phenomenon of cross-kingdom RNA communication. Publications; Contact; Imprint; Concepts, Methods and Tools for Architecture- and Quality-centric Evolution of Long-living Software Systems (ADVERT) Nearly all aspects of our live are affected by long-living software systems. Software is aging when necessary changes are not performed to meet the requirements in its changing environment, or when the software is changed in a problematic way. The TWAS-DFG Cooperation Visits Programme provides postdoctoral researchers from sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa, with the opportunity to make a three-month 'Cooperation Visit' to a research institute in Germany. Such visits must be undertaken within 12 months of the award. The aim of the visit is to initiate research collaboration between African and German scientists with the.

Lesezeichen und Publikationen teilen - in blau! 1 Förderung von Informationsinfrastrukturen für die Wissenschaft - Ein Positionspapier der Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaf Gefördert durch die Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) im Rahmen der Exzellenzstrategie des Bundes und der Länder - EXC-2002/1 - Projektnummer 390523135. Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) under Germany ́s Excellence Strategy - EXC-2002/1 - Projectnumber 390523135 Key Publications (all publications) Carbonnel S, Das D, Varshney K, Kolodziej M, Villaécija-Aguilar JA, Gutjahr C: The karrikin signaling regulator SMAX1 controls Lotus japonicus root and root hair development by suppressing ethylene biosynthesis Images considered for publication in the California Hunting Digest include high resolution TIFF or JPEG files, or prints that have been produced by a commercial quality photo processor. For big game photos, the animal must be in a natural setting (not in the bed of a pickup, for example) and properly tagged. Photos of non-tagged animals will not be considered. Images may be sent via email to. Publications Publications 2018 Publications 2019 Publications 2020 Publications 2021 Discussion papers Submitting discussion papers Data; Events. CRC conferences / workshops Past events CRC retreat Young researchers workshop Female members worksho Publikationsliste einbetten. Wenn Sie Ihre Publikationen in der Hochschulbibliographie veröffentlichen, können Sie sie als Liste in Ihre eigene Website einbinden und stets aktuell halten, indem Sie uns neue Titel melden

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